Review from South Dakota Magazine, July/August 2013...
"Crimes of passion - murder haunts a Missouri River town."
John English runs the Black Hills School of Woodworking in Belle Fourche, but he's also an accomplished writer, having penned more than two dozen books and hundreds of articles. In his newest novel, Murder on the Missouri, English holds readers in suspense through 165 pages as the details of a decades-old murder are slowly revealed.
Judge Wilton Simms' wife was strangled at the Harvest Ball in fictional Clinton, a tiny farming town on the banks of the Missouri River, in 1961. The unsolved murder hung over the town until the body of a man long suspected in the crime is found buried beneath the judge's white picket fence. Townspeople suspect the recently deceased judge avenged his wife's death, but clues conjure repressed memories among the couple's friends until the truth emerges. review, April, 2013...
"Riddled with Mystery and Rich with Characters."
This is a great read! Whereas many mystery novels have a formula that features one detective (and maybe a sidekick) focusing on a crime, the bulk of the citizens in the little town of Clinton comprise the detectives, the perpetrators, and the witnesses. The rough-and-ready South Dakota and Wyoming western landscapes are as much a part of the action as its townspeople. Both humorous and moving, Murder on the Missouri is a who-done-it that will keep its readers guessing, as well as enjoying the time spent with unforgettable characters, right up until the end.

Kindle review by Susan Ripple, April, 2013...
"No Place like Home."
I am from South Dakota, born and raised. I really enjoyed the book because it was set in such a familiar place. The mystery was very well crafted, and there were several murders, all of them surprises. For such a small town, there was a lot going on!

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